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About HashTech

HashTech specializes in total package Managed IT Services for business in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. As a telecommunications and IT management company, HashTech offers premium “all-in-one” services to customers and businesses in need.

Services Provided

HashTech is a complete IT, Telecom, and Internet service provider. When businesses choose HashTech, they can create or take advantage of customized packages that perfectly suit their needs. From comprehensive IT management to premium VoIP services, HashTech does it all in one convenient location.

Professional Team Members

Founded in 2014 by a team of passionate and highly skilled IT professionals, HashTech is revolutionizing the world of IT management. By using their technological knowledge and expertise, HashTech’s team provides premium support to individuals and businesses throughout the DFW metro area. As a full service provider, HashTech enjoys a talented pool of engineers who take a proactive approach to infrastructure management to the benefit of their clients.

Mission & Values

HashTech’s mission is to offer businesses exclusive, high-performing IT management for an affordable price. With services that grow along with their clients needs, HashTech simplifies IT management and Telecommunications into one all-inclusive package. Regardless of the service requested, HashTech’s team of professionals stands at the ready to provide expert assistance well within the budget of their clientele.As professionals and as a business, HashTech values integrity and transparency and places customer service ahead of all other activities. When you choose HashTech, you can be confident your needs will not only be met but also exceeded.

Who Choose Us?

If you are looking for precision IT management services, then choose us. We are dedicated to going beyond your expectations, and are more than willing to answer any questions you ma
y have regarding our services.Let us tailor your infrastructure from the ground up by choosing us, and experience the difference our team can make in your business today.